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Questions about returning your summer rentals?

We have answers!


Q: Are rentals still due Friday, August 7th?

A: Yes, spring rentals are due by Friday, August 7th.



Q: Can I mail my rental(s)?

A: If you are not in the area you can mail your rental(s) to our Greenland Drive location. Please mail them to the address listed below and email the tracking # to

Textbook Brokers

ATTN: Rental Return

1321 Greenland Drive

Murfreesboro, TN 37130



Q: I would like to mail my rentals back, but I won't be able to mail out until August 7th. Will they be considered late?

A: As long as the rental(s) have a postmark date of August 7th they will be fine. Please make sure to email us the tracking number.



Q: What are your store hours?

A:  Greenland Drive

      Monday - Friday    8am to 6pm

      Saturday                 10am to 4pm


      Rutherford Blvd.

      Monday - Friday    8am to 5pm



Q: How will I know if you received my rental(s) that I returned in the dropbox?

A: Once we have checked in your rental(s) you will receive an e-receipt.



Q: There is a Textbook Brokers in Gallatin, TN. Can I return my rentals there?

A: Yes, you can return your rentals in their dropbox. Please make sure that your rentals sticker is legible. If it is not, write your name and phone number on the inside cover.



Q: I am need to re-rent my rental for the fall. How would I do that?

A: Please call 615-907-8051 and we will assist you.



Q: What if I want to keep my rental(s)? Do I have to come to the store to take care of that?

A: If you want to keep your rental(s) you will just pay the difference between the purchase price and rental price you paid. We can do that remotely so there is no need to come to the store.



We hope this answers some of your questions! Please feel free to email us if you have other questions.