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No Risk Rentals

Try before you buy! You can apply the rental price you paid to the purchase price to keep the book.


Rental pricing is updated throughout each semester to compete with the entire marketplace.


Drop or switch classes? You can return your fall rentals by September 1 , 2023 to receive a full refund.

You can return your rentals in-store at the end of each semester or you can simply mail them back to the bookstore.
Have an assignment due? Rent your books and have your rentals delivered in 3 to 5 business days.  
You don’t have to spend more for new rental. There is only one rental price regardless if the book is new or used.
How long do I get to keep a rental?
A rental is not due until the end of the semester Rental due dates are:

Winter 2024 Spring 2024
Friday, January 12th, 2024 Friday, May 3rd, 2024
I like to buy my books instead of renting because I may need keep them.  Why should I rent?
Textbook Brokers has a No-Risk Rental Program meaning the full rental price paid can be applied to the purchase price at the end of the semester if you decide to keep your rental. For example, if the rental price is $25 and the purchase price is $75, you would only pay $50 to keep the rental at the end of the semester.
Can I rent books or packages with an access code in them?
It depends on the book. Please lookout for "Important Notes" that will tell you whether or not the access is included.
Can I write or highlight in my rental?
Standard writing/highlighting in the book is allowed. Excessive highlighting or writing can result in the rental being deemed damaged (See question below).
Why do I need to hold a debit/credit card on file for a rental?
Textbook Brokers requires a debit/credit card to be held on file in case the rental is not returned.

How do I return my rental?
It’s easy. Textbook Brokers does not require a receipt. Return your rentals at the end of the semester in-store, through our After Hours Dropbox or mail them to:

Textbook Brokers
ATTN: Rental Return
1321 Greenland Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

**Please make sure your contact information is located in the package.**

What if I don’t return my rental?
Textbook Brokers will charge the debit/credit card that is on file the difference in how much was paid for the rental minus the purchase price plus a $5/rental late fee.
Did you get the books I returned?
When rentals are returned, you will receive an emailed receipt showing they are returned.
What if I need to extend my rental? 
Please contact us to extend your rental.
What if I want to keep my book? 
Please contact us to let us know that you want to keep the book and we will charge you the difference in how much was paid for the rentals minus the purchase price. For example, if the rental price is $25 and the purchase price is $75, you would pay $50 to keep the book.
What if I lost or damaged my rentals?
Students are required to pay the difference in how much was paid for the rental price minus the purchase price.

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